Acquiring the Greek Citizenship/Passport via Greek Ancestry


Pursuant to Article 1 of the Greek Nationality Code, the child of a Greek national obtains the Greek nationality at birth (ius sanguinis). By virtue of this article, individuals can be registered as a Greek citizens provided that at least one of their ancestors was a Greek citizen and that they can document the sequence of Greek origin before the Greek Authorities.  

The procedure

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1st step:

Locate the registration of the applicant’s Greek ancestor with a Greek Municipality and get the ancestor’s birth certificate
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2nd step:

Retrieve the documents concerning the family status of the ancestor (such as marriage certificate, divorce etc). All acts registered abroad must be legalized via Apostille according to the Hague Convention or in the event that the country of their issuance is not a party to the Convention, they must be authenticated by the competent Greek Consulate. The acts are then filed with the Athens Special Registry. At the same time the applicant prepares all documents concerning their and their parents family status.
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3rd step:

When the registration is completed, an application is submitted along with all the required original documentation to the competent Authority (the Municipality where the ancestor was registered).
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4th step:

The file is forwarded by the Municipality to the competent Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After reviewing and approving the application, a Decision will be issued recognizing the Greek nationality of the applicant. In case the applicant is male, the Authority issues an additional Decision ordering his registration with the Greek Male Rolls. Then, the Greek Municipality will proceed with the registration of the applicant with its Municipal Records and Greek Male Records.
After the registration with the Greek Municipality is completed, the applicant may procure his Greek birth certificate, which will prove the Greek citizenship and proceed with the issuance of a Greek passport from the Greek Consulate of the place of residence, or directly from the passports office in Greece.

The time required is from 2 months to a year, depending on the case.

The procedure can be effected through a limited Power of Attorney to our office, without the individual having to travel to Greece.

After the registration with the Greek Municipality and the issuance of the Greek passport, the applicant obtains officially the Greek citizenship and all the rights of a Greek citizen.


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Greek Citizenship by Greek Ancestry

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Naturalization based on Greek Ancestry - aitisi politografisis

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