Belgium Residency by Investment Program

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Why and How to Become a Belgium Resident

BRP Belgium Residence Program for Non-EU Citizens:

The BRP Belgium Residence Program (BRP) is a fixed-fee service package provided by for non-EU citizens who are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Belgium.

 Belgium is one of the most attractive countries in Europe in terms of business, residence, citizenship and taxation.

 With its rich cultural and historical heritage as well as its political and economical stability, the country offers an excellent lifestyle environment. Its capital, Brussels (Headquarters of NATO and Council of European Union) , is also the capital of Europe with a strong international orientation. Antwerp is one of the biggest and fastest growing ports of the world.

 Belgium is also the European and Global Headquarters of many International businesses.

 With the new Immigration legislation already approved by the Belgian Parliament effective 1st January 2013, for all Economic Immigration cases Naturalisation will now be possible after 5 years.

Favourable Tax System:

The Belgian tax system is very favourable for individuals and executives, holding companies within international structures and individuals with independent means.

There are no wealth or net worth taxes, no taxation on capital gains realised on shares (as one of the last countries in Europe). With advanced tax planing it may be possible to pay no inheritance or gift taxes at all.

Special regulations can apply to Key managers and Directors. These individuals are treated as foreigner residents in Belgium. However, they are taxed only on income actually earned within the territory of Belgium. Income earned outside Belgium is in some cases not taxable at all.

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