Acquisition of Greek Citizenship

Acquisition of Greek Citizenship

  • By virtue of BIRTH to a Greek parent
  •  By virtue of BIRTH in the Greek territory

-If one of the parents of a minor was born in Greece and he/she is a permanent resident in the country since his/her birth

-If he/she does not acquire a foreign citizenship by birth or/and by declaration of his/her parents

  • Due to AKNOWLEDGMENT of PATERNITY by a Greek father
  • By NATURALIZATION PROCESS for NON co – Ethnic Greeks:

-Third country nationals who have acquired long term resident status

-Nationals of European Union and of the European Free Trade Association’s Member States

-Third country nationals who are either members of a family of a Greek or EU citizen or they are parents of a minor that has acquired the Greek citizenship

-Persons who have been officially recognized as political refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection or protection for humanitarian reasons

-Persons who have been declared as stateless by a Greek authority

-Foreigners that hold any type of permanent residence permit

  • By NATURALISATION of foreigners who are classified as co-ethnic Greeks

-For those who come from a non-EU member state and do NOT hold a Special Identity Card for co-ethnic Greeks

-For those coming from an EU member state and do NOT hold a Special Identity Card for co-ethnic Greeks

– For those that hold a Special Identity Card {for co-ethnic Greeks}


– For a child born before 8 May 1984 to a mother who held the Greek citizenship at the time of the birth or marriage

– Of a child born to a Greek father before the entry into force of L.1250/1982

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